Swolecast - Best Ball Edition - Ep1
JoshADHD joins the Swolecast crew for a best ball Episode!

Our hosts

David Kitchen
David Kitchen is one of the original co-founders of FI and now the Creative Director at RotoGrinders. You can hear him on the FI podcast, Swolecast, and on the Fantasy Insiders’ SiriusXM show.
Josh “ADHD” Hornsby
Josh Hornsby, most prominently known as JoshADHD, is head of sports analytics at Fantasy Insiders. You can also catch his fantasy best ball insight across his apps and articles on FI and RotoGrinders.
Ben Gretch
Ben Gretch is the Editor in Chief for Gretch is a content machine with a focus on writing data-driven articles and delivering hot taeks on the podcasts and SiriusXM Fantasy.
Chris Prince
Chris “BeerMakersFan” Prince has been a competitive fantasy sports player for over twenty years. He is one of the most recognizable DFS players and previously won the FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship. A known fixture on RotoGrinders, Beer brings his high-stakes and dynasty knowledge to Fantasy Insiders.
Jeff Johnson
Jeff Johnson is a Co-host of weeknight Fantasy Insiders on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio. Legend has it that his vertical is higher than that of Leonard Fournette though one time he almost got dunked on by co-host David Kitchen in a high school game.
Davis Mattek
One of the original FI guys, Mattek has been providing content for since 2013. He now can be found on the Insiders Fantasy Football Podcast and the Swolecast.
Chris Cichon
Chris Cichon is a pivotal team member for who has worked in the podcast industry since 2011, when he created his own show called, “The Big Chee Show”. Cichon produces the podcasts and can also be found on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio.
We took great pride in bringing home the first three (2013 - 2015) Daily Fantasy Accuracy Championships, hosted by FantasyPros.