Welcome to the MLB Draft Kit 2019

02/21/2019Dave Potts

Welcome to the 2019 MLB Draft Kit! Baseball season is here, and I’m excited to be able to help you get prepared for your season long drafts with player analysis, rankings, strategy articles and a chat room where I can answer your specific questions. Everything here will be updated throughout spring training up to Opening Day.

I have 2 sets of rankings on the site. The first set is based on traditional 5x5 roto scoring. The second set is based on Draft Best Ball scoring. Both sets of rankings will be regularly updated throughout the spring as news breaks and playing time situations change.

The main position by position articles contain all my thoughts about the players if you want to read more in depth about how I view them, where the risk vs reward comes in, and who I’m looking for breakouts or disappointments from. I also have a shorter set of articles called ‘Draft Plan’ where I talk more specifically about how I’m attacking each position in drafts.

I will be posting strategy articles regularly, as well as news and notes as we start to get a clearer picture of playing time throughout spring training. There are articles on traditional roto leagues, and I’ll be giving my thoughts on Best Ball strategies as well.

One of the main features of this Draft Kit is access to our chat room on Discord. Because every league is different, I can’t give every possible type of ranking for every league format and size. Any specific questions you have pertaining to your league, keeper questions, etc, I will be able to answer for you there. We can also talk through any general strategy questions as you get closer to draft day.

Here's everything you can find in the draft kit:







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