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New Fantasy Games: SuperFlex Best Ball DYNASTY

05/08/2019David Kitchen

"Hey, you. Hey, Dynasty Player with more than a handful of dynasty leagues. Yeah, you're psycho."

Seriously, dynasty fantasy leagues are intense. And if you're good at them, they require dedication. Whereas the majority of fantasy football players treat their leagues like the houseplant that won't die no matter what, you invest and care for your league like some rare bonsai tree.

Problem: Dynasty Leagues Take Too Much Time

Time and commitment are big problems for people that play daily fantasy sports (DFS). It's really tough to create multiple lineups on DraftKings and FanDuel, and then worry about all that's involved with your seasonal team. This is why Best Ball leagues have become so popular in the past few years.

With dynasty leagues, trading and free agents *during* the season are major factors to your team and can have lasting implications.

Which is why I have the perfect type of league for those that want the taste of dynasty without the in-season bonsai-level commitment.

Solution: The SuperFlex Dynasty Best Ball League

I created the Insiders SuperFlex Dynasty Best Ball League (ISFDBBL) last offseason and it has been very fun for my DFS compadres and me. Dynasty + Best Ball + SuperFlex = a winning formula.

In the event that you don't understand the previously mentioned terms:

  • SuperFlex (SF) - a roster spot that can be used for any skill position (QB, WR, RB, TE), generally a second starting QB on your roster.
  • Dynasty (Dyno)- fantasy football league format where every player you draft is yours for years to come until you trade or drop them.
  • Best Ball (BB) - a draft only league. Your weekly score is your roster's "best lineup". No free agents, trades or sit/start decisions during the season.

SF BB Dyno Benefits:

  • Multiple layers of strategy
  • A lot of trades during drafts
  • Cuts down on decent teams tanking during the season
  • More in-depth research during offseason than Best Ball leagues
  • I mean, a lot of trades during the drafts

The Nitty Gritty: League Setup and Details

League Host: My Fantasy League - 12 Teams / 30 player roster
Divisions: 3

Standings: H2H Victory Point Scoring
Scoring: PPR

First, shoutout to MyFantasyLeague's flexible format to create this league. While the interface might take some time to get used to for noobies, the functionality of MFL proves its value with complex setups like this.

Startup Draft: 30 round Snake Draft / Slow Draft

At first I wanted to have an auction draft so that everyone had an equal chance at a player that they wanted. However, the ugly issue of "time" popped up, and I'm glad it did. Basically in this league, if you wanted a player you could still get him. There were 104 picks traded during this draft. One Hundred and Four.

Our draft started on Friday, July 20th and the majority of the draft was wrapped up by Tuesday, August 7th. That's a while. But a 30-round auction (360 picks) would've taken forevvvver.

Starting Rosters: 1 QB, 1 RB, 1 WR, 2 TE, 5 Flex, 1 SuperFlex

I wanted to allow for as much strategy as possible. A SuperFlex spot and 5 flex spots offers a lot of flexibility to the Best Ball rosters.

In going back, the ONLY change I would make is to reduce the two TE spots to one and add a WR spot. The 2 TEs emphasize the TE position too much, so instead I'd opt for Tight End PREMIUM scoring where each catch is worth 1.5 points instead of 1.

Playoffs: Top four teams (might be expanded)

We used Victory Point Scoring and three division winners + wildcard went to the playoffs. Once in the playoffs it was regular H2H scoring. (We are currently debating on adding an additional playoff spot)

Waivers: FAAB after drafts and before season

We had three waiver sessions where teams could bid on players with their $100 FAAB budget. Keep in mind that the waiver period is only AFTER the draft and BEFORE the season starts. All players are locked after the last waiver session.

Free Agent players are carried over into the next season where they can be selected in the Rookie Draft.

Rookie Draft: Six Rounds, after the NFL Draft takes place (NON-SNAKE)

The Rookie Draft is NOT a snake draft. So the order is determined by previous year's finish (Worst = 1st pick).

So the worst team will get the first pick in each round unless they trade it away. Again, free agents are available in this draft (KC starting RB Damien Williams was the fourth overall pick in this year's rookie draft).


One of the best things about playing in this league with other DFS players -- we had 104 trades during the startup draft. Different teams were trying different strategies, but really, we're all just degenerates. Trading is fun, and people go crazy. So whether you were looking to buy or sell, the reality is that you were finding a trade partner.

>> Link to the 2018 Startup Draft

The rookie/FA draft was no different. Multiple trades involving players and draft picks. Trading up, trading down, trading a top-12 guy for five high draft picks over the next three years.

>> Link to the 2019 Rookie/Free Agent Draft

The true sign of a great league/draft is wanting to do another one. Looks like Leone caught the bug. Hopefully others will as well.

""Hey, you. Hey, Superflex Best Ball Dynasty Player with more than a handful of superflex best ball dynasty leagues. Yeah, you're not psycho -- you just are a normal DFS player who wants some offseason action ."

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